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Facial Services

Upper Lip                                             $15

Cheeks                                                 $15

Chin                                                      $10

Eyebrows                                               $20

Underarms                                             $25

Full Arm                                                  $50

Half Arm                                                 $25

Shoulders                                                $40

Neck                                                      $20

Full Leg                                                  $90

Half Leg                                                  $50

Toes                                                       $10

Full Chest                                               $65

Half Chest                                               $40

Full Back                                                 $65

Half Back                                                $40

Stomach                                                $25

Stomach Strip                                        $20

Bikini                                                    $45

Brazilian                                               $65

Personalized 60 min Facial                     $125

Our facials are completely customized to your skins needs & goals!

Hydration Boost Facial: Quench and combat dehydration by restoring vital moisture back into skin for a renewed complexion.

Citrene Signature Facial: Instant brightening, smoothing and hydrating. Powered by sensitive skin-friendly botanical brighteners + nourishing antioxidants. Targets dullness and discoloration for a nourished glow .

Firm and Repair Facial:  Smooth, soften and revitalize your complexion with this advanced treatment utilizing plant stem cells technology.  This is designed to regain elasticity and plumpness for a lifted and lustrous glow.

Clarity + Balance Facial: Target existing breakouts while drawing out impurities & refining texture to fight future breakouts.  With enzymatic exfoliation and medicated ingredients to clear skin, reduce bacteria and irritation.


Add On To Any Facial Service

  • Dermaplaning - add onto facials                             $15

    • A non invasive deep exfoliation where a medical grade blade is used to remove the top layer of dead skin cells, and peach fuzz, for better product penetration and a brighter complexion.​

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